Saturday, February 28, 2009

not feeling too blog-y

Not much is going on really, but I am busy nonetheless.

This week is mid-terms week at school and I am studying and finishing some work I need to finish. March is also Spring Break month and I'm really hoping to pop on down to Florida for the week so I can get a little R&R.

Right now, I'm setting up the clips I will be providing on my youtube channel for March. It will be Instant Star month featuring performances from the first two seasons and possibly bloopers if I really feel like fucking with it. It takes time and editing which I hate messing with but I do it because I have many subscribers and people who like what I post there so I do it for them. Or until youtube tries to shut me down. They have done it to many friends of mine. Hopefully, if I post them right I won't get shtick for it.

If you want to check my channel out:

I post trailers, deleted scenes, and other extras to movies, television series...

Everyone have a good night.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

keanu ; freaks and geeks ; black circle boys

People that rag on Keanu Reeves acting ability piss me off. Keanu Reeves is one of my favorite actors of all time. I've been such a big fan of his for years now and it pisses me off when people says he can't act. It's not that, they just cannot stand his voice! "He sounds like a baffoon!" If you have seen any movies of his other than The Matrix or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, you would surely be able to tell the man has some acting chops besides sounding like a surfer dude. I love him in many of the films. I enjoy his action films like Point Break, Speed, and Street Kings but I really like him as that abusive hillbilly in The Gift , I did not even recognize him in that role. I thought his loser-y role in the black comedy I Love You To Death was great too. I think people are just way to harsh on some actors and they don't need to be, I'm sure its shitty enough having no privacy nowadays, now they get haggled about every little thing they do or don't do. Give it a fucking break, folks.

Just for you:

I finished watching Freaks and Geeks : The Complete Series and it was amazing. Another show that should have lasted longer than it did. It was highly praise but like every good show, it didn't stand a chance in the ratings due to NBC's nifty schedule changes. In watching it, you really do end up loving both the freaks and the geeks because you can relate to them in some way. I love how the show neglects to actually pay attention to the popular and pretty kids only viewing them from a petty stand point. My favorite character's are Daniel Desario (James Franco) and Bill Haverchuck (Martin Starr). There are many cameos in it one notably by Ben Stiller in one of the final episodes. I may actually buy this series if I ever see it at a store, it's really wonderful and I recommend to everyone.

Another movie I watched was Black Circle Boys, what a dark, dark film. And not because it was on Youtube. It basically is about cults, drugs & alcohol, and girls. It starred a rather young Scott Bairstow who looks a helluva lot like Hayden Christensen and Eric Mabius as the whackjob Satanist. I think the only bad part of the film is when they kill a cat, I'm firmly against animal abuse but the scene is short and you don't actually see the cat get killed. Why didn't they just visit the butcher and get some fricking blood, I mean, really...they could have. The film has HUGE underlying gay currents in it. It's about a brotherhood of Satanists almost but really teen headbangers who think they are "hardcore" because they listen to metal and worship "Father" they mention several times. The one warped part was seeing New Kids' alumni Donnie Wahlberg as a gay drug dealer/Satanist that was way into kink...that threw me and freaked me out. If I found this somewhere on DVD for 10 dollars, I'd buy it. It goes for that much on Amazon and whatnot so maybe I could find it in store where everything is on backorder. I hate when things I want are on backorder.

I could totally write slash for that movie. I'm really not into writing things like that but for the characters Kyle and Shane, I could. I was thinking about it when I watched it. I still may if I watch the movie again. I wonder if others have ever wrote some??? I'll have to look it up.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

v-day, friday the 13th (movie and all!)

Happy Valentine's Day, belated.

I did not do anything special today, I never treat the holiday as a holiday. I would probably feel different about it if I had someone special to share it with but I don't. I sat around watching Freaks and Geeks (great show, should have lasted longer than 18 episodes) and eating any kind of junk food available and in reaching distance of my arms.

Friday the 13th is my special day, one of my favorites. Many people consider it to be a superstition and overall bad day but I have some of the best days on Friday the 13ths. I went and saw the new, somewhat "remake" of it 1:30 with my brother, did not have anyone else to go with. There was 10 people in the theater when we got there and maybe a dozen more showed up in the next half hour. I was surprised that I enjoyed the film, it was a little like I expected but they definitely tried to change it up a bit. I'm more into Jason as a hunter, an aggressor then that weird, "supernatural" one. Like in Jason takes Manhattan, the one guy runs up a ladder on the boat and a second later Jason is right behind him and throws him off. There is no logic in how that works chronologically! There were some elements from the other Jason movies but they tried changing it up a bit, not bore an audience with the same death scenes we've seen for ten movies. And, it helps that Jared Padalecki is in it! He looked great in the movie as Clay (everyone had stupid names...Trent, Jenna...) and his hair did too! I think they need to stop greasing down his hair in Supernatural, it was all light and fluffy in the movie! Lastly, the stereotypes were still there the slut greasing her boobs down, the nice girl and guy, the total douchebag (TRENT), the black guy who makes racial cracks, the asian guy who gets stuffed in the car trunk, the blonde slutty chicks, the nerd who makes blatant references to Star Wars and wears a t-shirt of the same interest... I was surprised by the very lack of sex in the film, just one at the beginning and then later on. They were a little over-the-top, but both involved Jason in some way...(not in that way). The ending was a little bothersome, it could have been cleaner but I guess they wanted to fashion it like the original. It was nice for that little cameo of Nana Visitor as Mrs. Vorhees. Overall, it's good enough to see in theaters, I don't see fans being too disappointed with the outcome. There was something missing, I can't pinpoint it.

I totally miss the Friday the 13th marathons, since TNN became Spike TV they don't air them anymore. UGH...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jazzed for the wrong reasons

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

I'm trying for the life of me to find some Ginger Snaps fanfiction. However, my searches are very empty-handed except for The only probably is most of it is fucking poems, not actual stories and the other half is basically one chapter. 122 stories and hardly a single harrowing word to read. Nowhere, not a site online. Beyond that I'm tired because I haven't slept and I have classes today. I could probably type up that paper before I even get there. Ain't life grand when it isn't fucking you over???

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The World Is A Vampire.

These pants offend me.
It looks like Jensen was digging in Mel's (from Sleepaway Camp) closet.

Okay, here I go again. I had a shit day yesterday, enough said. I finished that River Phoenix bio and the man who wrote it really is insane. There was a whole portion of it where he had some dream where he talked to The Man Upstairs and made a deal to switch his own life to have River's back. It was cool to read and possibly foreshadowy-ness because next thing I know, I'll be having some dreams where I'm sitting around talking to River too. The guy did put River on a pedestal which isn't bad considering the alternative, him being exploited due to his private drug problem. River Phoenix was a wonderful person, I know this after everything I have read about him and it is truly sad that he is no longer here with everyone else. He cared about things that people don't take the time to stop and look at. He wanted a better world and I didn't blame him for that. With the world we live in today, it's only going to get worse. I cannot help but think what he'd be doing today to better this shithole of society we have now.

I went to my Poly Sci class on Friday and found out I hate that class worse than I hated it before. The man is opinonated and talks too fucking much. I can't take it sometimes. Whatever, I try to pay attention, I'm there to learn but it there is no feedback as the students. I have no idea where to turn any of my work in! And it's all shit you have to do outside of class. I am going to fail this course because it's everything I hoped it would not have to take at university. D, you'd love to piss this dude off and challenge his ass, I wish you were in my class!

I watched "The Last of the High Kings" today with that beautiful man, Jared Leto. That dark hair, those blue eyes (I think they are blue...), and that Irish accent. Well, he had an accent because he was Irish in the film. It's a good one, it's about a teenage boy living in Ireland during the late 70s and dealing with life. Christina Ricci had a small part as a Yank who comes and visits intially falling for Jared's character Frankie. The best part was Catherine O'Hara as Frankie's Ma, she was very over-the-top, wacky character. This was either the second or third time watching it. I enjoy it, especially since most of the soundtrack is the Irish band, Thin Lizzy. They had some good jams.

I'm getting sick of online. Really sick. I think I'm disappearing a bit. Maybe I'll go watch "Still Life" after I get through all this work for tomorrow. Poly Sci is kicking my ass.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Supernatural Pimpin'!

Right now I'm just flowin'. I broke my rule on posting everyday but folks, some days aren't as interesting as others. I'm dancing and doing a little yoga right now. At 3:30, this morning. Sleep has become a luxury in my life. It's either I sleep a lot or I don't sleep at all. I'm also breaking time to surf around for Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki photos. I don't know why, I don't get much of a kick out of getting fan fetishes. It's not a fetish but I've been saving pictures and before you know i I'll hit the 1,000 marker and feel like a jackass.

I'm passing time until I do this paper for Comp 104. I've been mulling it over. I hate writing things with substance AKA closed-formed writing. I prefer just spewing something out from my head not worrying if it's the right idea or if it is grammatically correct. I say screw it. I love my creative drive and close-form makes it disappear. But, I don't blame the instructor, students are suppose to learn it that way and I understand that. I'm hoping it'll be subjects I can talk about openly. The instructor is really nice and he wants us to feel uncomfortable writing especially with the throttling hell I had in the past with essays and fanfiction.

Speaking of fanfiction, I got this great Supernatural one. It'd be categorized as general and it may hit to some kind of relationships, but not as far as chapter two. I might post it on or my LiveJournal. I am proud of myself for finding an idea to roll with and it's not half bad. I'm not going to share it with anybody who's been reading this blog. I need to do revisions for the chapters so far but I really want to get it out of my head and down onto the screen/Word/anything else. It's Deancentric, because is there a cooler character to write about? Well, Sam is fun to write too. I gotta give Sammy love too because the guy just ain't getting it. Jared's a sweetie too so he deserves some character pimpin'!

You can never have too much Supernatural love.

I never know what to do to pass the time. I wish I had some fun hobbies, I really wanna try inline-skating again. Remember when that was such a fad? I loved it and I used to be good at it! I bought a pair a few years back and I'd really like some use out of them, I'm going to have to hit that roller rink someday soon. Reading is my only hobby as of now. Currently, I should be done with Supernatural : Bone Key, it's not a long read but I just haven't been interested enough to sit and finish it. I also got a River Phoenix bio I need to read and take back to the library before it's due. And the countless books D lent me. Yeah, I know she'll want them back soon enough. Time is filled with school. Mondays and Wednesdays are long, boring days. I almost fell asleep in the last class of the day on Monday and my teacher was asking me if I was okay. Yeah, the lecture just got boring enough where my eyes were drooping and I was fading into la-la-land.

If you like Supernatural at all, leave a comment.