Friday, January 30, 2009

wow, feeling like a schmuck

I don't get why people are giving me a hard time about posting icons a day earlier of a Supernatural episode to air. It was one picture and hardly a spoiler in my opinion. But it's their job to have restrictions I suppose. It's not that shocking, wow, a picture of young Sam and Dean!

Ya know, I could care less that Jensen Ackles smokes, if he does it seems like a socially thing. My brother is the same way, he smoked when he drinks and is with his friends otherwise he hates it. Or he doesn't do it. I don't like the smell even though my parents smoked most of their lives. My dad quit several years ago because he became a diabetic and it's safe to say that since I am one too I can't divulge into that habit. I can't really drink either...everything I consume effects me heavily. It sucks majorly but I just deal and it's oh-so important I lead a healthy lifestyle and most people don't in one way or another. Somehow that turned into something about me. Sum up - I can't smoke but Jensen can all he wants. Why am I even addressing this??? God forbid someone he knows reads my stupid rants...

So I missed my American Government class again. I got sick from the damned Symlin I'm suppose to take. The side effects can be brutal. I get weak, sweat, shake loads, and want to sleep. Sleep is the only way to deal with it, sleep it off but I usually wake up naseous because it's one of the many things I hate about it. I lose my appetite hence probably why they said it would help me lose some of the weight I gained from my insulin. I weight 20 lbs more than I used to and I want to get back to my normal weight. It's a pain to exercise during the winter, I wish I lived near a mountain, I'd going snowboarding or skiing. The punching bag and treadmill are both out in the garage where they are probably frozen or covered in ice. It's been that cold that it's freezing things. The kitchen window pane had ice on it last week, on the inside. It hasn't been this cold since I remembering being alive.

I hope the snow will melt and it'll warm up. I don't like summer but I don't like freezing. Fall is what I need, the chilly air but warm sun. The beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows...I miss you, Fall. I am gettiung mushy and stupid. I think I'm PMSing. I get really moddy before hand and it's true, it's not a myth. Your personality does a bit of a 180.

I think I could just keep this post going because I can. I'm trying to post something everyday...I started on a Supernatural fanfiction I'm really excited about. I have horrible time sticking to anything that doesn't keep my interest but this one is! That and Lemon Sour Puss, the one-legged pirate that helps Colonel Mustard AKA Nathan from time to time...but that's for another day.

I hope someone out there in bloggerland is having a better day than myself. Haha. :)

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