Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick and Instant Star Blues

I stayed home today from my Poly Sci class because I was feeling really sick this morning. I slept most of it off during the day. I mean, I could eat anything without feeling like is was going to come out the way it came in. I hate missing class, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be liking this class too much. Just reading the Fogotten Man, the times of the Depression is depressing enough to put me in a slumber. When I sat down to read the required 7 chapters for the week, I had no idea what I was reading. I'm not much of a history buff and it always bored me to tears but I really want to learn something I don't know. That was the point of taking it and it's required so I might as well get the hell out of the way.

After I woke up from a long slumber, I still felt burning hot from being sick, I thought I would sit and watch Instant Star. It's show that ran 4 seasons on The N which is a Canadian television network thingamabob. I couldn't find a place to watch it online! It's not on the channel anymore and I just want to catch the episodes I missed because I've seen several from season 1 and 2 but nothing else. I mean, the official site has a link to the CTV channel but I don't think they have anything other than season 4. The N site does not even show episodes but it does have songs by the star of the show, Alexz Johnson, who has a beautiful voice. I remember her from a little Canadian tv show that ran on the Disney channel for a few years called So Weird. I did not care too much for her then because she replaced the lead character of the show, Cara Delizia, whom was my favorite. Alexz had sung a few songs on there before two years later for Instant Star. The soundtracks one through three are amazing and I was surprised by how much I actually liked the show. If anyone can find a place where I can just watch the seasons episodes, please point the way!!!

(I might add photos later if I ever get my Paint shop Pro and Photoshop back!)

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