Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Win-chester not Lose-chester.

I just finished watching "After School Special" and it was a flood gate to remind me of what I just left behind in high school. Sam pretty much nailed it on the head when he says things change when it's over and all left behind.
When high school ends no one is leading you by the hand, if someone is, then it won't always stay that way. It's about learning who you are and what you want to become. No one should be telling you, they should help guide you.
High school was a heightened experience. People always over-dramatized things and never stopped complaining about every detail. You thought everyone wanted to ruin your life, but they don't; they don't want you to fail, to give up like many people do. Parents may seem cruel but they want what's best for you and trust me, you don't always know what is best for yourself. High school is many mistakes made into one and you learn from them. Some people do not and they are a still paying for those things.


Now, my high school experience was not a pleasant one. The schooling was fine, boring, but nothing that I hated. I digged myself in a hole for several years of it and ended up in a very black spot. I've been trying to rub out that spot and recycle it to others because you'd be surprised people are alike. It's a place I have to remember, just like I am now. I want to get rid of it, I want to just scream out all that frustration I held for many years but I don't. I paid my time there. I want some new black spots. Well, maybe some gray spots or off-white ones. I don't think I want things that inky. I'm shocked that when I start getting a life others lose theirs. My brother loses his girlfriend, my dad loses his job...and I'm just here. I'm here and I am damn thankful for that. Something to look forward to this Thanksgiving!

Another thing about Supernatural's episode tonight was Dean. Dean, Dean, Dean. In those shorts, the tube socks, the red headband. If only he had a cheesy mullet, then he would have been dead on for some pyscho 80s fitness guru.

The little boy (Colin Ford) playing Sam was so wonderful as him in the episode. He played Sam before in other episodes, I don't know how many but they did good casting on that account. Young Dean (Brock Kelly), who looked familiar, was smokin' as the older brother. We got a little reminder of old Dean, the brown leather wearing one - where the HELL did that COAT go? Is it because he got a personality makeover he doesn't need it? Is it because of his dad and everything he does not wear it? I don't know, it bothers me. Also, is Sam's name just Sam, they always call him that even when he was introduced as a new student. Is his real name not Samuel?

One thing that bother me, what was with the sweetheart, honey thing from young Dean to the teacher? The teacher looked about sixty (okay, maybe forty) and it's like he was hitting on her. I can't complain though, he was pysched about a few cheerleaders at the school being of legal age. Dean, Dean, Dean.

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