Saturday, January 24, 2009

family parties ; old crushes ; blogs ; osts hunting

I had a family birthday party to attend today and I always love seeing my relatives. It's weird because it feels like I never see them anymore. Life is so busy, you miss the simple things it brings to us. I will say it brings back an old crush I was so silly, he was in high school and I was like 7 years old! I always feel like a moron because even now those silly crush feelings reappear when I really don't have them anymore. It's always something I worry about at family get-togethers, seeing the guy. I don't really feel like getting specific because it's not important.

The rest of the day was a drag, I wandered around on LiveJournal and posted icons on my icon journal. I switched over here because it feels easier to open-handedly talk about whatever the hell I want to say and not feel like a million people are hounding in on my silly posts. I like blogging in small doses. I got turned onto Blogger because I found some rare soundtrack blogs I love visiting and downloading from. I'm always searching for hard to find shit and having a pain-in-the-ass time trying to get it!

Does anybody know where to find these soundtracks/scores?
  • Disturbing Behavior (soundtrack and score)
  • Idle Hands (score)
  • House of Wax (remake) (soundtrack and score)
  • Cry_Wolf (score)
  • The Craft (score)
If anyone knows, please let me know!

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