Sunday, January 25, 2009

drums ; music files? ; solarbabies

I've had a very unrestful day today. My brother bought a drum kit because he thinks he wants to be a drummer and play in a friend's band. The whole bright idea came to fruition when he and his pals were playing Rock Band. I'm sorry to people who love it, but it will not grant you access to become the best musician ever or even have the ability to play musical instruments. It only makes your brother sound like a dying cat as he squeals out lines from a Weezer song. But the point of this is - the drums are too loud. I think I might stash them out in the garage where they'll freeze and get snacked on by some creature such as a raccoon or a rat. So ,they costed him $500, that dough ain't going to give me back those precious hours of sleep I missed because of him. P.S. - Practice makes perfect, Nick.

Still looking for certain scores...and I downloaded The Craft soundtrack in M4A format. I want to kick myself for that because I have to find a good audio converter so I can listen to/burn them. I was wondering if anybody really knew what a FLAC or OGG audio file was? I'm pretty incompetent when it comes to such things. I wondered how they differ from MP3s or WMAs...

I watched Solarbabies (Jason Patric, Jami Gertz) the second time yesterday night. I like the cast minus Jason Patric because I have never liked him. The bad guys were very cheesy and I could not stand the bleach blonde mullet on Gaveil (was that his name?). There are fun action sequences and I love Darstar (Adrian Pasdar) the Tchigani with his hawk hence my silly nickname for him, Hawkboy. Okay, was the leader of the Tchigani the alien hunter from Critters? I'm sure it is, it looks like the same guy. The end credits where they have the Solarbabies running to the water is too silly. They really could have left it the way it was, and I do wonder if they never been in the water why do they seem to all know how to swim?

I'm going to hunt down a score to this movie.

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  1. lol
    i play rock band
    but i am no musician lmao.
    a stupid idea came to mind
    but i squashed it quickly. i'll tell you about it later.