Friday, January 30, 2009

wow, feeling like a schmuck

I don't get why people are giving me a hard time about posting icons a day earlier of a Supernatural episode to air. It was one picture and hardly a spoiler in my opinion. But it's their job to have restrictions I suppose. It's not that shocking, wow, a picture of young Sam and Dean!

Ya know, I could care less that Jensen Ackles smokes, if he does it seems like a socially thing. My brother is the same way, he smoked when he drinks and is with his friends otherwise he hates it. Or he doesn't do it. I don't like the smell even though my parents smoked most of their lives. My dad quit several years ago because he became a diabetic and it's safe to say that since I am one too I can't divulge into that habit. I can't really drink either...everything I consume effects me heavily. It sucks majorly but I just deal and it's oh-so important I lead a healthy lifestyle and most people don't in one way or another. Somehow that turned into something about me. Sum up - I can't smoke but Jensen can all he wants. Why am I even addressing this??? God forbid someone he knows reads my stupid rants...

So I missed my American Government class again. I got sick from the damned Symlin I'm suppose to take. The side effects can be brutal. I get weak, sweat, shake loads, and want to sleep. Sleep is the only way to deal with it, sleep it off but I usually wake up naseous because it's one of the many things I hate about it. I lose my appetite hence probably why they said it would help me lose some of the weight I gained from my insulin. I weight 20 lbs more than I used to and I want to get back to my normal weight. It's a pain to exercise during the winter, I wish I lived near a mountain, I'd going snowboarding or skiing. The punching bag and treadmill are both out in the garage where they are probably frozen or covered in ice. It's been that cold that it's freezing things. The kitchen window pane had ice on it last week, on the inside. It hasn't been this cold since I remembering being alive.

I hope the snow will melt and it'll warm up. I don't like summer but I don't like freezing. Fall is what I need, the chilly air but warm sun. The beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows...I miss you, Fall. I am gettiung mushy and stupid. I think I'm PMSing. I get really moddy before hand and it's true, it's not a myth. Your personality does a bit of a 180.

I think I could just keep this post going because I can. I'm trying to post something everyday...I started on a Supernatural fanfiction I'm really excited about. I have horrible time sticking to anything that doesn't keep my interest but this one is! That and Lemon Sour Puss, the one-legged pirate that helps Colonel Mustard AKA Nathan from time to time...but that's for another day.

I hope someone out there in bloggerland is having a better day than myself. Haha. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Win-chester not Lose-chester.

I just finished watching "After School Special" and it was a flood gate to remind me of what I just left behind in high school. Sam pretty much nailed it on the head when he says things change when it's over and all left behind.
When high school ends no one is leading you by the hand, if someone is, then it won't always stay that way. It's about learning who you are and what you want to become. No one should be telling you, they should help guide you.
High school was a heightened experience. People always over-dramatized things and never stopped complaining about every detail. You thought everyone wanted to ruin your life, but they don't; they don't want you to fail, to give up like many people do. Parents may seem cruel but they want what's best for you and trust me, you don't always know what is best for yourself. High school is many mistakes made into one and you learn from them. Some people do not and they are a still paying for those things.


Now, my high school experience was not a pleasant one. The schooling was fine, boring, but nothing that I hated. I digged myself in a hole for several years of it and ended up in a very black spot. I've been trying to rub out that spot and recycle it to others because you'd be surprised people are alike. It's a place I have to remember, just like I am now. I want to get rid of it, I want to just scream out all that frustration I held for many years but I don't. I paid my time there. I want some new black spots. Well, maybe some gray spots or off-white ones. I don't think I want things that inky. I'm shocked that when I start getting a life others lose theirs. My brother loses his girlfriend, my dad loses his job...and I'm just here. I'm here and I am damn thankful for that. Something to look forward to this Thanksgiving!

Another thing about Supernatural's episode tonight was Dean. Dean, Dean, Dean. In those shorts, the tube socks, the red headband. If only he had a cheesy mullet, then he would have been dead on for some pyscho 80s fitness guru.

The little boy (Colin Ford) playing Sam was so wonderful as him in the episode. He played Sam before in other episodes, I don't know how many but they did good casting on that account. Young Dean (Brock Kelly), who looked familiar, was smokin' as the older brother. We got a little reminder of old Dean, the brown leather wearing one - where the HELL did that COAT go? Is it because he got a personality makeover he doesn't need it? Is it because of his dad and everything he does not wear it? I don't know, it bothers me. Also, is Sam's name just Sam, they always call him that even when he was introduced as a new student. Is his real name not Samuel?

One thing that bother me, what was with the sweetheart, honey thing from young Dean to the teacher? The teacher looked about sixty (okay, maybe forty) and it's like he was hitting on her. I can't complain though, he was pysched about a few cheerleaders at the school being of legal age. Dean, Dean, Dean.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tired; supernatural; cookies: dazzling

I'm tired again. Everytime I come to post on here, I'm exhausted. I'm going to go to sleep so I can get up tomorrow and get something useful done. And watch Supernatural. I'm looking forward to Dean in those tube socks and short-shorts! I'm making cookies because I like them and they expired yesterday so they need to get eaten. I'd offer to friends, if I had any.

I spent an hour today staring at this:

I think he "dazzles" me. Does he "dazzle" you? Gosh, that's the lamest word ever used to be enthralled with something. I put that picture on my art wall and next thing ya know I'm sitting on my bed staring up at the darn thing. There is something about the way he looks just in this photo that I like.

I think Jensen should play a cop.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life Just Seems Better in Movies

Nothing exciting going down in my life right now but it seems like everyone else's relationships are exploding everywhere! I can't stand my brother's not-girlfriend. She is not right for him and he knows it! "I feel sorry for her.." Fuck that! She cheats on you and you know she has a bad history, that's not the first relationship you ever want to get into. Especially crazy shit. I told him chicks bullshit, we are the masters at bullshitting. We can turn everything around on others, we can lie our asses off about what we do and what we are willing to do. It's lame and I hate when he goes off trying to explain everything away. It don't work that way. That's why I know a relationship is not for me.

Bender: Sporto, do you get along with your parents?
Andrew: Well, if I say yes I'm an idiot, right?

Bender: You're an idiot anyway. But if you say you get along with your parents, well then you're a liar too.

I watched "The Breakfast Club" tonight. I've seen it so many times and it never gets old for me. I want to find someone who hates that movie and explains why. How one individual cannot relate to that movie would stump the hell out of me. I love it, it's got some great memorable lines. And one of the most popular 80s casts ever. I'll talk more about this some other time.

River Phoenix. Big fan. I was three when he died so I didn't know him very well when he was alive. I am happy I discovered who he is now. He was an amazing person and deserves to perserved in history. Unfortunately, he is more remembered from dying of a drug overdose in front of Johnny Depp's Viper Room. Well, the Viper Room isn't Johnny Depp's anymore, I believe he sold it a few years ago. I'm trying to read some books on Pheonix, I was intrugued after reading one of them but I figure that's only one person's perspective. Amazon had only one copy of a book I wanted to look into, so I'm thinking it would not be easy to look for at a library or a book store. I hate ordering things off the internet because I don't have a credit card or anything so I can't do it.

Allison: When you grow up, your heart dies.
Bender: Who cares.

Allison: I care.

Ugh, life sucks really hard sometimes.

The Breakfast Club: Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole saturday in detention for whatever it is we did wrong, but we think you're crazy for making us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out, is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

Quotes Source

Have a fine evening, folks.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm bored and exhausted. It was not a busy day, just had classes. I've been looking around for Jennifer Love Hewitt albums because I would love to listen to some if I can get my hands on any. She's had four I know of but that's it.

Since I'm not feeling too blogworthy, here is a picture to look at:

Guess the actress...if you dare.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

drums ; music files? ; solarbabies

I've had a very unrestful day today. My brother bought a drum kit because he thinks he wants to be a drummer and play in a friend's band. The whole bright idea came to fruition when he and his pals were playing Rock Band. I'm sorry to people who love it, but it will not grant you access to become the best musician ever or even have the ability to play musical instruments. It only makes your brother sound like a dying cat as he squeals out lines from a Weezer song. But the point of this is - the drums are too loud. I think I might stash them out in the garage where they'll freeze and get snacked on by some creature such as a raccoon or a rat. So ,they costed him $500, that dough ain't going to give me back those precious hours of sleep I missed because of him. P.S. - Practice makes perfect, Nick.

Still looking for certain scores...and I downloaded The Craft soundtrack in M4A format. I want to kick myself for that because I have to find a good audio converter so I can listen to/burn them. I was wondering if anybody really knew what a FLAC or OGG audio file was? I'm pretty incompetent when it comes to such things. I wondered how they differ from MP3s or WMAs...

I watched Solarbabies (Jason Patric, Jami Gertz) the second time yesterday night. I like the cast minus Jason Patric because I have never liked him. The bad guys were very cheesy and I could not stand the bleach blonde mullet on Gaveil (was that his name?). There are fun action sequences and I love Darstar (Adrian Pasdar) the Tchigani with his hawk hence my silly nickname for him, Hawkboy. Okay, was the leader of the Tchigani the alien hunter from Critters? I'm sure it is, it looks like the same guy. The end credits where they have the Solarbabies running to the water is too silly. They really could have left it the way it was, and I do wonder if they never been in the water why do they seem to all know how to swim?

I'm going to hunt down a score to this movie.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Max/Alec Fanmix ; Dark Angel

I have been putting this little ditty together for several months. It took a week to pick an array of songs that ranged from recent to older and were both upbeat and slow at the same time. The harder part for me was preparing the artwork (that I put together in Photoshop myself) and zipping the file for download. I have only unzipped, never zipped, any files. Hopefully, the whole shebang will work fine and you can enjoy the songs.

This fanmix is my first ever and I will pull some more together soon. This is purely for fun so if you don't like the show, the characters, or the songs, don't tell me that.

I am a big fan of the belated Dark Angel, the James Cameron's show on Fox that ran from 2000-2002 for two seasons. The show centered around a dystopic future and genetically engineered human beings kicking ass and trying to run from their governmental past. The show starred Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four 1 &2, Awake, The Eye), Michael Weatherly (NCIS) , and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, My Bloody Valentine 3-D, Ten Inch Hero). I wish it had lasted longer than it had as any fan does, but Fox axed the show after it got placed in the "death" spot (Friday nights) and the ratings failed to keep up.

enmity - hostility, hatred, ill will, antagonism

Track Listing:
01. One Week - Barenaked Ladies
02. Disappointed - Ivy
03. I Like - Katy Rose
04. Need You Tonight - INXS
05. With Love - Hilary Duff
06. You Make Me Sick - Pink
07. Enemy - Eve 6
08. Can't Trust Myself - Blaque
09. Cold - Crossfade
10. Turn It On - Kim Wilde
11. If I Never See Your Face Again - Rihanna featuring Maroon 5

Size: 55.8 MB

Download: "When you couldn't forget, they had ways of not making you care."

NOTICE: The link only MIGHT work for ten downloads for right now, I'll make it permanent if more people want to download the link.

(The cover and back is included in the zip file. Remember, you must have a program such as Winzip to decompress the file. Also, please do not repost the cover or back anywhere. I made that myself and I don't want to deal with kleptos who think its their work. If you'd like to for a certain purpose, just ask me, under right circumstance I understand. Any other questions come to mind just post below in the comments.)

family parties ; old crushes ; blogs ; osts hunting

I had a family birthday party to attend today and I always love seeing my relatives. It's weird because it feels like I never see them anymore. Life is so busy, you miss the simple things it brings to us. I will say it brings back an old crush I was so silly, he was in high school and I was like 7 years old! I always feel like a moron because even now those silly crush feelings reappear when I really don't have them anymore. It's always something I worry about at family get-togethers, seeing the guy. I don't really feel like getting specific because it's not important.

The rest of the day was a drag, I wandered around on LiveJournal and posted icons on my icon journal. I switched over here because it feels easier to open-handedly talk about whatever the hell I want to say and not feel like a million people are hounding in on my silly posts. I like blogging in small doses. I got turned onto Blogger because I found some rare soundtrack blogs I love visiting and downloading from. I'm always searching for hard to find shit and having a pain-in-the-ass time trying to get it!

Does anybody know where to find these soundtracks/scores?
  • Disturbing Behavior (soundtrack and score)
  • Idle Hands (score)
  • House of Wax (remake) (soundtrack and score)
  • Cry_Wolf (score)
  • The Craft (score)
If anyone knows, please let me know!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick and Instant Star Blues

I stayed home today from my Poly Sci class because I was feeling really sick this morning. I slept most of it off during the day. I mean, I could eat anything without feeling like is was going to come out the way it came in. I hate missing class, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be liking this class too much. Just reading the Fogotten Man, the times of the Depression is depressing enough to put me in a slumber. When I sat down to read the required 7 chapters for the week, I had no idea what I was reading. I'm not much of a history buff and it always bored me to tears but I really want to learn something I don't know. That was the point of taking it and it's required so I might as well get the hell out of the way.

After I woke up from a long slumber, I still felt burning hot from being sick, I thought I would sit and watch Instant Star. It's show that ran 4 seasons on The N which is a Canadian television network thingamabob. I couldn't find a place to watch it online! It's not on the channel anymore and I just want to catch the episodes I missed because I've seen several from season 1 and 2 but nothing else. I mean, the official site has a link to the CTV channel but I don't think they have anything other than season 4. The N site does not even show episodes but it does have songs by the star of the show, Alexz Johnson, who has a beautiful voice. I remember her from a little Canadian tv show that ran on the Disney channel for a few years called So Weird. I did not care too much for her then because she replaced the lead character of the show, Cara Delizia, whom was my favorite. Alexz had sung a few songs on there before two years later for Instant Star. The soundtracks one through three are amazing and I was surprised by how much I actually liked the show. If anyone can find a place where I can just watch the seasons episodes, please point the way!!!

(I might add photos later if I ever get my Paint shop Pro and Photoshop back!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First

The first post in my blog.

I'm 18, and I like it. I'm a strange movie addict as in I like awesomely bad movies, especially horror ones. I watch Sam and Dean Winchester every week killing some evil sons of bitches. I am a full time student and I hope that goes some where if not, I'll take on a lucrative career in the demon hunting business. Be one way to get out of a shit hole of a town.

Say what you want to me, give the truth and don't bullshit me. If you don't like what I say, don't read my blog. It's that simple.

This is a personal blog that might have book or movie reviews, definitely my opinions, and maybe music/videos.

I won't rant right now, but expect one in the near future.