Monday, December 21, 2009


Santa's sick! Who's going to deliver all those Christmas presents? The next best thing - the boy band NSYNC!

I can't embed the sucker...!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm tired of it all.

Does anybody else hate the IMDB message boards? Can anyone have an intelligent conversation on there without some argument over something so banal?

I should stay off the "Dark Angel" board from now on. I can't stand the way people discuss the show on there. No, I'm not some hardcore fan and no I'm not some pissed off fangirl, it's just the fact that people either ask stupid questions or start fighting over a topic that is just...not important.

Oh, and the reason "Dark Angel" got the boot was because FOX network decided it. That's it. It's not that hard...some shows don't make it. The extreme changes between the first and second season can accompany it's failure to see another season, but that's about it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giving Me Wiggins

Nothing like having to bathe Grandpa!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ch-Ch-Changes & the TV Set

This blog is in definite need for a makeover of some kind...I'm too lazy to do it though. This part of the year is really busy though. Right before Christmas, it gets cold as hell froze over outside and I have dreaded final papers and exams to do. That will put anyone in the Christmas spirit!


Perhaps the biggest bollocks of all is all my television shows are on hiatus and don't return until mid-January. Getting a break from that is nice considering all the other things I have to worry about...

I was looking up stats on average television watching in the USA as of 2008-2009 and it's up 20% from 10 years ago according to Nielsen Wire . I find that hard to believe, I maybe watch 20 hours of television a week, but that happens out of boredom. I watch several shows throughout the year. This year I've clocked time for Supernatural, White Collar, Being Human, and The Vampire Diaries (simply because it's on before SPN). That's a few hours in one week. The other hours attribute to made-for-TV movies (or movie channel movies) and Comedy Central. I've watched more stand-up in the last year than I have in my entire life.

I rarely watch new shows, my boxed set DVDs of shows get more use on my television than actual cable. And I've watched some shows/ movies via Netflix or Hulu. Some among them have been True Blood which I do not get on cable or The Crow: Stairway to Heaven which I have never seen considering I was a kid when it aired. It's nice having the option to watch something just for the sake of having the ability to instead of fishing out 40 bucks for a boxed set especially if you don't know if it's worth it.

The question is do they considering watching these things online as watching them on television? It's another form of streaming entertainment that many people take advantage of in this technological age. I thought if it's offered online I don't have to lose an arm and a leg to find it on the television.

A side-note to all of this, my parents still cannot functionally use anything electronic. I had to set up an e-mail account for my father again because he can't remember the first one. I told them they have to remember because you need an e-mail address to do anything online. Maybe one day they'll get it.


I guess I'll go on with my day now. Don't ask what all the weird faces are for. I'm just in that mood...


Monday, November 2, 2009

new month & i'm bored

My dad is already talking about Christmas We are going to have a homemade Christmas this years because my family has no money. So presents are some kind of luxury now, but I rather it yummy food than get fifty presents. That could be my food obsession talking there, but I cant help it. I LOVE FOOD. My only wish was that I was a better cook so I could make some really delicious stuff to eat.

I am bored and I hate to announce it. I know I am and anybody reading this would know. Not to mention it is in the entry title. I'm using it as a segue for something to talk about unfortunately it fails because I told you why. Crap, I'm ranting...away, evil rant, away!

I've been a fan of Emma Watson since she started work on Harry Potter as Hermione Granger and she is the same age as myself. I'm several weeks older than her, but that's the only difference. I have always liked her, the mentality of doing well in school and her work, her fashion, and overall character as a person. She started university at Brown in Rhode Island this year to try and get back to a normal routine for herself. She says that she doesn't see acting as her career, she has many interests in other things particularly she has mentioned Literature and Art. I think it was wonderful she wanted to attend university especially in the States considering I'm from here.

I looked her name up on Google just because I wondered what college she decided on attending and I found out something kind of shitty. Supposedly she was being "stalked" (as all sources put it) at a football game between Brown and Harvard just so some fools could snap a picture of her. I get it, someone famous coming to your school, it would be cool to see them. The part I do not understand is why waste the energy? As people left comments on different source, I would like to state my own being a fan and all.

I believe that it's not right to do that to anybody, famous or not. If you get rowdy with it, it can pass for harassment. I don't blame the girl for being frightened by people following her, she was just trying to have some fun! I realize it's a bit hard to return to normality when for the last ten years your life has been anything but. The hype will die down I'm sure, but until then people need to grow up and recognize she is a human being and has certain unalienable rights.

Argh... in the immortal words of Dean Winchester: "Demons I get, people are just crazy."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

spooky little girl like me


*scampers off to search blogs for some spooktacular tunes for Friday and Saturday*

I can't wait for the 31st...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

something that just can't escape me

I don't know why this is fretting my mind, but it is. I'm not sure why this is even on my mind but I suppose I should get to the point here...

I want to write an entry about logic and creativity. I don't think these two words cohabit together, but I'm writing a post about them anyway. Whenever I'm learning about something in class, many of the times I want to know why what's what. I want to know the logical standpoint of why gravity is and why Shakespeare wrote his plays in iambic pentameter and what the hell that really is...

But how far is it before knowing too much becomes too much? I want answer but than again I don't because they can flush out whatever I imagined about that certain thing. I like creativity and I want to keep it. As people get older, they wish for reasonable answers to everything. They learn the world isn't so care-free as it was as a child. I think so many people miss their childhood and constantly try to live it over and over again by looking through pictures and film, and events from those time periods.

Logic is a smart approach but is it sometimes bad for us? Knowing many things can prove useful when that knowledge is needed, but when you are in a strange situation where logic fails (think of Alice in Wonderland) will there be any creativity to help you?

I realize this is an on-going and probably unanswerable idea, but it bothers me. I want to have the same ability to write good stories now as I will twenty years from now. I don't want to hate writing because it has to be formal and unoriginal. I want to approach things from angles most people don't as I do today and hopefully will do for the rest of my life. I think it's good to have some child left in you, therefore you never truly loose that unwhittled heart that believes everything to be pure and simple.

I think I could be overanalyzing but I don't want my life to turn out that way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Blog Rating

I noticed this on other sites that they all had ratings of some kind. Well, my rating came out as R because my use of foul language. I don't actually post anything bad on here...some images may be gruesome if they relate to horror movies, but other than that this place is PG-13 at the most. I guess I can refrain a little from the bad language, but I doubt many young kids will visit this blog. I don't even know if it's visible on Google or not.

Anyway...I'll post something later because I have some Halloween related items to talk about.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Happy Birthday To Me" MusicTracks

My brother just bought this the other day at Wal-Mart for $5 and I have to say it's worth the deal. I first saw it on FearNet, original version folks, not the bad disco score version. I really like this movie despite it's lack of gore or comprehending the finale of it. Really, I'll have to watch the movie several more times to get the gist of what really happened in the movie.

I went looking for the music tracks on the web and came up empty-handed. I did see that people were asking for some of the tracks from the movie and I tried with DVD-ripping some of the music. It's not the best, but I don't know how to make it perfect since I'm not tech savvy. I do think if you're looking for something to download this could be your best bet at the moment. If you know a better place to find the actual score to the movie, let me know!

The two tracks I ripped are the end song "Happy Birthday to Me" by Syreeta and the "Main Theme" which was composed by Bo Harwood and Lance Rubin. I believe the "Main Theme" is also looped on the DVD's root menu.

(Anchor Bay's 2009 Released DVD Cover & Back)

Both tracks that I ripped are at 320 KBPS and come in a .RAR file. These tracks are hosted on Rapidshare. If you come across any problems with the tracks, please let me know in the comments area.

> > > You can also listen to the tracks HERE on

& I uploaded the trailer to Youtube. If you want to watch it , you can. Feel free to leave me comments or subscribe to my channel.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009's "Push" Soundtrack - In Progress

Songs From the Movie:

What New York Used To Be--The Kills
The Love Of Boat Trackers--Yin Xiangjie
The Hop--Radio Citizen and Bajka
Rocket--Working For Nuclear Free City
Original music for Push--Neil Davidge
Everybody Ciao--Daniele Benatie and Fernando Paterlini
Elevator China--South Rakkas Crew
Consequence--The Notwist China Funk--South Rakkas Crew
Bao Quian--The Old Ceremony
A Visit To Suzhou--Jiang Xianwei

The ones in bold I have not found. I saw "Push" several months ago after in came out on DVD and I just love this movie. It has an amazing soundtrack too but unfortunately there was never any official of any of the music. Some of the tracks are impossible to find because it would be that they were never officially released. I will continue on my endeavor. I will hopefully have a compilation soon.

The Neil Davidge tracks are not isolated and feature dialogue and sound effects from the movie. I don't have means to isolate it, if I did I would, folks!

I'll keep ya updated soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shit, It's October!

It's managed to slip my mind several times that it's October meaning lots of Horror movies and Halloween. My two favorite things. I don't know what to be for Halloween, it's been a few years since I dressed up for it. I want to be creative but that is hard to do.

  • Any good horror movies I should see (and by that I mean 70s and 80s ones)?
We probably won't decorate our yard...we never do. When I live by myself I'll try and do that. There is this guy who lives down the street from my grandparents and decorates his whole yard. I might take a picture or two this year and post them.

Also this month Fear Clinic premieres on FearNet, they have been pimping that series very much all over FearNet...I can't wait for it!

My mother's birthday is this month and my cousin's wedding anniversary. They bought a new home recently.


New "Nightmare" Trailer. I know they wanted Freddy Kreuger to look like a real burn victim, but he looks like a fish to me. And the southern accent will take some getting used to.

Sold Your Soul for Twilight?

Honestly, I don't remember when Twilight truly became a fad. I remember having a keen interest in the book after it was reviewed/recommended in "Teen Vogue" years back. I remember thinking the plot sounded interesting and I love vampires. I remember anytime being at a bookstore trying to buy the book, but I never did. I thought about reading it for two years, all the way back in 2005 when it was published. It took about two years to finally purchase and read. I loved the first book, albeit it wasn't the most original idea and not written very well. People could connect to it no matter how young or old you were. But, then this thing happened, and the series has been destroyed for me. (Oh and fuck the rest of the series, I don't need an explanation for every little detail about the book, the anonymity of the first was enough to please me. My only regret is Jacob Black is better in the sequels, I wouldn't have cared much for this character otherwise.)

I'm not going to rant because I rather avoid having fans chewing my ass out. I like the movies. I do, but it seems unnecessary. I have liked Robert Pattinson since Harry Potter but the shit that follows him is silly. All the fodder and paparazzi, just damn silly. I like the soundtracks for the movies, they contain many artists I enjoy and I listen to them quite a bit. It's a little shocking how such a hightlighted film has a indie/alternative soundtrack. I figure because it's a love story the music choices are obvious.

I am a person that hates fads. So anytime something feels like it's become too much and it's clearly being overun by people that don't seem to have redeeming qualities to be fans the whole fandom is destroyed for me. That is just a jab at all those 12-year-olds whom I can't imagine seeing the complexity in story lines unless they are all geniuses. I know I'm being a little cruel and the truth is the Twilight Saga isn't complex. It's like bread and butter.

I need to go back to my lovely horror movies. I want Anne Rice's suave and timeless vampires, The Lost Boys with their sex, blood, and rock n' roll...just the 1930's Bela Lugosi version.

I don't think of Twilight as vampires really either...they're like a kind of animal, predator which I hardly relate to the vampires I'm familiar with.

Okay, that's it. I need to get off this subject. This is bogging me down.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Between

I post. Life has been busy, tiring, and all over shitty. I don't have anything to particularly discuss in this post. I wanted to talk about the Chris Farley biography "The Chris Farley Show" but I'm too lazy to really do all that typing. Maybe another post.

October is here, finally, and I'm excited. Halloween is this month, my favorite holiday and I expect to be seeing some awesome soundtracks pop up over the month. If there is one thing I'm always interested in is Halloween related music. Plenty of Halloween Mega Mixes too! I thought about doing one of my own but I don't think I could pick just a few songs.

I may make a more informative post after this about something. Peace out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What is with this "Jordan Catalano" fellow?

I just made my way through all 19 episodes of "My So-Called Life", a 90s teen-aged related television show that was rather well done but managed only a short life over an expansion of two years. The show aired from 94-95 and only produced 19 episodes. The show centered around 14-year-old Angela Chase played cleverly by Claire Danes and all the conflicts in her life. I won't get too detailed on what the show was about but the show was very realistic compared to many television shows I have ever watched. There is always a dramatic scent upon each show, but MSCL never once felt like you were watching a TV show. Many of the conflicts that arose throughout the episodes were never resolved and usually things would come to be more complicated than originally derived which was caused by the characters involved. The dialogue was not neat or clear, in fact "like" is among the show's favorite words. And "like" is very common for teenagers to use. Same goes for "I don't know", we like that one too. My concern is not with the show, but with the character "Jordan Catalano".

In the pilot episode, we find Angela to be confused and harboring a crush with silent "Jordan Catalano". Weirdly enough, I thought it to be typical to crush on him, he was cute, older, and vastly different from her. As the show progressed, he was quickly established as the character that was more discussed than seen which became annoying for me. Jordan only uttered several sentences in one episode, and they were not anything profound. It was merely a "hey", or something that was completely irrelevant to anything. Among his lack of expression, he could not read because he was dyslexic, which was nice to learn something about him, but they never really acted on it. His condition was brought up and discussed briefly, but that was as far as the story line went. Halfway through, I was wondering why so many people were commenting on how great Jordan was... I didn't see what made him so wonderful. He never said anything, he never did anything, and Angela was infatuated but he seemed hardly interested. So, I came to two conclusions about why people love "Jordan Catalano"...

One: Because he is played by Jared Leto and if you are a fan of his you pretty much love anything he is in. I did not like "Jordan Catalano" at all. I love Jared Leto. He is a wonderful actor and musician. I love him in "The Last of the High Kings" as an Irish boy named Frankie in the 70s. American Psycho, Requiem for a Dream, and Urban Legend. He's played some great
characters. I love 30 Seconds to Mars too, I have both their albums and listen to them often. I realize the man is gorgeous, he has amazing eyes. I will say the long hair and black eyeliner does not look great on him. I like him with short hair and no make-up. In fact, I don't really like make-up on anyone, I believe natural beauty is much richer.

Two: These people are idiots. I know this is a mean statement, but face it, the only time Jordan became a real character was by the final episode. He started expressing himself to others. He didn't do this to Angela because I think there was a fear of losing her permanently so he got Brain Krakow to help him. That idea was not smart and makes me not like him worse. I know he can't write or read well, but really why make Brian write the total letter solely, shouldn't Brian have helped him instead? Jordan had the capabilities to do it but he didn't! It's like he's trying to get her through a false pretense. So not the right thing, Angela is very smart and beautiful and I think she did not deserve it. Ultimately, if the show had continued, it would have been wonderful to see Jordan as he truly is, no evasive stoner-like methodology, okay? He would have had a great developing character, too bad he did not get the chance!

The obvious idea of Jordan Catalano was the "fantasy" character. Angela had this idea of who this guy was in her head. He was beautiful and exactly what she wanted because she didn't even know the real him. Many crushes develop this way and the fantasy gets washed away when the dreamer finds the fantasy in their minds hardly to be the person they are crushing on. I think it happened to Angela as she attempted to get closer to Jordan, but he wasn't as she imagined for so long. He did some unforgivable things and it added up to her love turning to hate. Jordan comes to find he loves Angela and I think the reason behind it is because she is very different from any girl he had been with. She has standards and cares for him, wants to know things that he would never share with others. But none of this is actually admitted, just several hints in different episodes. Clearly, the fan fiction world lives on past the short life of the show. Speaking of, I'll have to look into some. To clear it up, I don't hate Jordan, how he was on the show bugged me and in many ways I don't think he deserved Angela's attention or love. But I can see where they cared about each other. I may feel different if more of the show had been produced and had seen where the characters would have gone.

Somehow, I would like to believe that Angela would not end up with either Jordan Catalano or Brian Krakow because Jordan was too different from her and Brian was too selfish most of the time. Brian was more on her level as a person, but I don't think it could work, there could have been dating. Especially if she knew he wrote that letter to her which she finds out in the last ten minutes of the final episode.

The show ended in a cliffhanger because they were unaware if they would get picked up for more, but it did not. If you haven't seen "My So-Called Life", I recommend it because it's very about day-to-day life and dealt with every day problems. Watch out for Angela's little sister, Danielle, and her funny one-liners.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keanu Reeves stars in "Sparhusen"

My mother mentioned this to me the other day. Everyone in my household knows I'm a freak of nature when it comes to Keanu Reeves. He is now officially raiding the internet in My Damn Channel's original web series called "Sparhusen". It's looks pretty humorous but I don't know how I feel about him playing a Danish character, he has a bad time with accents (Remember Coppola's Dracula? The British accent? ...See?) but thankfully it's all in jest. I'm looking forward to watching it...check out the trailer!

Besides that, I heard that write-ups were going down on the "Cowboy Bebop" script that Reeves has signed on for as Spike Speigel. I wonder what they could be? They are probably minor adjustments, but I hope nothing drastic. I actual like this anime and they could fuck it up if they tried.

"Sparhusen" starts on October 8th, this fall.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Supernatural Article

When my brother came home from work last night, he slapped this article down in front of me.

It's always a pleasant surprise when someone writes about your favorite show especially when it's one that's constantly getting underrated. You have no idea how elated I was when Entertainment Weekly did a 1-2 page spread for the show! However, that's about as big as article's come for Supernatural fans. Anyone is better off buying the official magazine or some of those Sci-Fi ones to read about the show.

Just wanting to share/vent about this.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Criss Angel's an island of his own.

I was at my newly refurbished library yesterday for new books to read. I was browsing the nonfiction section and this was there:

I first heard of Criss Angel probably a little over two years ago from a friend. I didn't think much of him even after she was trying to sell me on him. It was just banter about new shit that each of you are into at the time. It wasn't until I was flipping around channels and came upon "Criss Angel's Mindfreak" on A&E and watched one of the episodes that I was sold on his "freaking". I had never seen a single person pull the stunts and illusions like he did, it was like he was born to do it. Watching his show opened up my mind to possibilities I didn't even think existed in space and time. Of course I wanted to write away that it was fake and no way anyone have those capabilities Angel displayed. The more I watched, the more it become less about trying to prove him a fraud and just about being in awe of everything he did. I'm not sure what Criss Angel is, very talented and more than just a magician maybe, but it was truly unbelievable what he did every week.

Now his book, "Criss Angel: Mindfreak, Secret Relevations" is part autobiography, part guide to life/magic/spiritualism(?). It was easy to read and included pictures of some of Criss's amazing feats. I never new much back story about his life or how he wiggled his way to the top of the world of Magic, but this book gave me a peek into it. Criss narrates parts of his life from being a boy to trying to scrap money together for an off Broadway show. He talks about himself and the journey that has brought him to where he is today. Throughout the narration are quotes from his family and friends about Criss and trials and tribulations he's preserved through. Criss appears egotistical at parts but he stated at more than one time that he is ego-driven. It can be annoying to the reader but after reading through the whole book, it only makes sense that he carries that personality trait. He only looked to himself to get where he wanted to go and in the long run it led him where he dreamed of since he was a boy. Some facts I learned about him that I never knew was he originally wanted to be a musician but found magic to be more lucrative for him and now he fuses both together, he built this robots/mechanical creatures that he used in his stage shows, and that he basically never sleeps (only three hours, he said).

A good portion of the book talks about how Angel feels about art and I thought many of his points were valid if not plausible. He uses art in what he creates and actively does, perhaps more visually than actors or artists. He discussed how people didn't understand his look calling him out as gothic when he explains it as a personality he created. Criss Angel is a personality, he always wanted one so an audience could identify him, dissociated from others. He wanted "mindfreak" to be his word so people could identify him as he was. Of course, when I hear the word I think "mind fuck" but it really isn't en masse friendly word hence the change to freak. His work and world is freaky so the title suits him well.

The latter part of the book is 40 tricks a reader can learn that Criss has performed. It's detailed and easy to follow but looks like these tricks take plenty of practice to master (and he admits that you should give yourself plenty of practice before taking the tricks to the public!). I'm not much of magician and I have never dabbled but these were cool to read about. Criss Angel is known for all the incredible stunts he pulls on his show "Mindfreak" and out of all the insanity there is one I just love. In one episode, Criss walks across a Las Vegas pool, partial with shoes and partial without them (Picture to the left). It's not the coolest stunt he's pulled but there is something about this particular one that makes me think. Criss Angel has somehow unlocked parts of his mind that remain dormant that allows him to levitate. I realize it's a stretch but we only use 7-8% of our brains, just think of the what could be hidden away! Criss explains that you have to open your mind to the possibilities and have faith and just believe in what you do. It's a good philosophy to have and I wish I could carry that around with me whenever I can't feel that positive. People surprise me everyday, but that's a good thing. He also brings up a good point not to rely too heavily on other people or their promises, not everything someone tells you is true. Better to take it with a grain of salt.

Overall, if your a fan you've probably read this and if you have not, I think you should. As a fan myself, it allowed me to learn a little more about Criss Angel and even to believe that anything is possible. Criss Angel needs to write a self-help or spiritual guide or something. He opened my mind while I was reading several parts that dug into subjects like art and the people who inspired his work. Now I'd love to do something with my life, it gave me a little hope. Knowing that someone can endure so much and overcome it a much stronger person is astonishing and inspiring. He's entered my list of great entertainers and it does no good to be skeptical, some things are better left unexplained...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pauly Shore - Scraps from the Future

Recently, I downloaded one of Pauly Shore's stand-up albums and I wanted to talk a little about it. First off, I was unaware that he had any comedy albums and then I found two on some blog. I don't remember exactly where but if you think it was your blog, let me know.

Pauly Shore was a little before my time, but I suppose I grew up with him because his movies were always on rotation on cable. I've seen "Encino Man", "Son-In-Law", "In The Army Now!" and "Bio-Dome" countless times. Granted they ain't pure Oscar material (far from it!) they are entertaining and Shore's need for quirky antics is fresh. So is his stellar wordage. While listening to the tracks he is insanely dated with words such as "nugs", "buff" and "weeze", but that's a huge part of Pauly's persona.

There is dirty jokes, dirty language, and dirty minds and inquires a laugh here and there. I was amused and could look for it for future listening. Among the tracks, Pauly Shore sings a song called "Lisa, Lisa" which I assume he made up entirely and who knows what it's about...the actual music was great, hard rock but his voice destroys it so I ignored it. The one part that was the best had to be Pauly's mother making an appearance talking to her son in that motherly sense. How many people pull their parents into stuff like that?

If you're a Pauly Shore fan, I'd add this to your collection or possible take a listen. The album has it's moments but nothing "piss your pants funny". I enjoyed it for Shore's words, I wonder if he still uses that early 90s slang? Does ANYBODY use that? I joke around and say "weezing the juice" and whatnot, but I think it died like Pauly Shore's career...

BTW, did anyone see "Pauly Shore is Dead"? Is it any good?

And, yes, I'm a Pauly Shore fan even if I was in the context of mean. I'm giving my two cents and in no way should anyone take anything I mention to heart.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Repooc Ecila

I was rummaging in my dad's records last year to pull some out and listen to them, and found a part of an Alice Cooper one. Inside was a calendar with Alice hung on a noose. I thought it was cool because strange and horrific things fascinate me. It's from 1972, it promptly states underneath the picture. It's hard to even see in a photo even with a close-up. I taped it to my door because I fugure that's better than being thrown out and I love it. Couldn't be in a better spot, I say.

I uploaded it in case anybody wanted to look at it. As usual, all this is done for my own amusement. I have nothing better to be doing except maybe Philosophy readings.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Supernatural Evolution

Wow, a back-to-back post! This one is a bit of a mindless rant, but I wanted to share it nonetheless. I picked up my fourth season DVD of Supernatural last week and I was watching Convention videos on Youtube and slowly came to the conclusion that I need to talk about this show. I've made graphics and shared them endlessly on the Internet, but I have hardly given my two cents about the show/the cast&crew/related items. This is not a review or critique, just an opinion from a fan. Feel free to comment if you are a fan of the show too!

The Winchester Boys

My love affair(as I love to put it) began two years ago in September 2007. I was browsing the shelves at Target and saw the titled DVD for twenty dollars. The first things that hit my mind was "I know this show, I've heard of this!". And I had, back in 2005 when I saw a promotional advertisement for the pilot and start of the show. I thought it looked amazing, something I would love to watch...but I never did. Reasons being, I wasn't too "into" television shows at the time, I didn't have a place to watch it, and I forgot about it. The only show on my radar in '05 was Buffy of the Vampire Slayer, I had been a rabid fan for five years and I still love it til this day. I backburnered it and moved on to Supernatural.

Heading back to the movie section at Target, the first season was cheap and I figured I'd take the risk and buy it. At the time, I was not familiar with Jensen Ackles too much. In the summer I had watched both seasons of "Dark Angel" and thought it was wonderful so I was ready to see more of him. Jared Padalecki wasn't as anonymous as Jensen, I had seen "House of Wax", "New York Minute", and "Cry_Wolf" along with some of the work he did on "Gilmore Girls"(funnily enough his character's name was Dean on that show!). I started watching it the second I came home and sat straight through until the season finale. And boy, did that season finale plow right into me! I was hooked and I needed more.

Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester

It was a while between the time I bought the first season and the second season. In the between time, I watched more of the shows and movies Jensen had done. "Devour" was a gift from my brother from Christmas. I was excited because I was a huge horror fan so I thought it might be good, it turned out to confusing and until this day I will watch it and try to figure the plot out. Really the problem is all the scripts conflicts they had while in production and that clearly makes itself present throughout the film. I watched part of season four of "Smallville", I had watched the first two and some of the third. I like "Smallville" but it got too intricate and something there fizzled out for me. I saw "Blonde" during the next summer on Lifetime one morning and enjoyed it. I really liked the way Jensen played Eddy G. in that, a bit of a step away from everything else. There was countless other things I had seen via websites, other people as well.

I started watching the show on television during the earlier part of season three. I received the second season as I birthday gift (and the best one for the year!) and watched through it. This explained away plot lines in the third season that I didn't understand such as Gordon Walker's story line. The second season was wonderful too and many things happened that were heart-wrenching. Supernatural is one of the few shows were when the characters are struggling you can feel the struggle. This is in large part due to the well-written material by the writers of the show and talented actors filling the shoes of their roles.

I will side track a minute and talk about other parts of Supernatural. I always loved how great the cinematography of show was. It was dark and intense with high contrast colors. The CGI effects were far and in-between, but it is a horror/fantasy/sci-fi genre show which requires these elements from time to time. The soundtrack turned me on to classic rock and it's a fresh direction to hear songs I was familiar to because my dad loves rock n' roll especially AC/DC and Metallica. I was all to familiar with the sound of the show and it turned me into a Bad Company freak. I listened to their albums many times after I started watching the show. The score is impeccable too, haunting and stoic. It'll be quiet then jolt you upright. Wonderful. I recommend anyone who hasn't listened to the score to look it up. It should be easily available for download. The scripts for each show tell a shit load of myths/legends along with enough comedic timing to make you laugh at least one time in every episode. I have learned about all the different kinds of supernatural items there are. I find the show sets itself far apart from others because it time-warps itself. Everything featured has been highlighted years before it's premiere. The music, the legends and myths, and even many of the names too. They are simple and ones I have heard of that don't sound pretentious!

Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester

Third season comes and this time I'm watching convention videos and considering purchasing merchandise. Yes, I'm that hooked. I live near Chicago and wanted to go to the first convention so badly but I was young(er) and I did not have the money/transportation. I watch all that I can and still wish one day luck will befall on me and I will meet Jensen and Jared. However, all the money I have/make goes toward my college education and my medication for my diabetes. Does anyone notice how the boys seem loosened up and very talkative at the conventions? At the beginning, they weren't really into all this promotion crap, but they indulge in it now, they must do four or five a year...And what's with Jensen always getting up halfway through his panel and walking around? I guess he likes to keep busy... or his bum is falling asleep, take your pick. Either way, the guys are fun and open which gives into a lovely weekend for all the fans in attendance.

I've never been active in sharing my love for the show. My immediate family knows I'm obsessed because Thursday is my night at home. I don't have many friends (I sound like a loser for saying that even if it is true!) and the friends I do have don't like many of my interests so it's near impossible for one of them to get into the series. I've never met another fan like me face-to-face. The only time someone's interest ever came up was when I would buy the show on DVD and the cashier would make a comment on how they or someone they knew loved the show. Where are these Supernatural fans? What do I have to do to find them? I don't belong to forums or anything like that because it's like you have to be in a constant loop with this people. I can't always be, I like to have time where I don't have to check or do anything. RELAX. I've friend-ed a few people on LiveJournal but never personally talk much about the show.

Through the show...I've come to love the main actors, all of them not just Jensen and Jared. I rather not talk about J-Squared or Wincest because it's not my "thang" so to speak. I'm not going to get into it because that'll unleash some unholy hell for me. I support fans but not all of their actions. I have a certain moral code for myself and some of these things pass it. I just nod it off nonchalantly because if I don't condone it, I don't have to partake. I'm all for it. I have merchandise from the show.

  • All four seasons of Supernatural
  • Supernatural Calendar
  • Issues of the Supernatural Magazine (my bookstore constantly fluxes on whether or not they carry the sucker)
  • Media Tie-In Novels (Nevermore, Witch's Canyon, and Bone Key)
  • The first two season companions (Haven't seen the third or fourth anywhere)
  • A Sam Winchester t-shirt
  • A Dean Winchester t-shirt
  • Dean's amulet
  • Dean's ring and several of the Sam's bracelets
  • A framed poster featuring the brothers
Most of my things are common and purchasable. I may have forgot something on the list. A little story about merchandise - when I was in the hospital for several days because of my diabetes (horrible!) my brother, Nick walked in with the Dean shirt on and I smiled for the first time in two days. It was rough, but Supernatural pulls me through some of my darkest days. It's let me kept my life and I appreciate and love it for that fact. I'm happy that I made that split second decision two years ago. It's changed my life in little ways and I give all the credit to Eric Kripke for coming up with this haberdasher pitch years back.

Eric Kripke, the Creator of "Supernatural"

The fourth season opened a new flood gate and the decisions made with it are unique but timeless to say the least. The good vs. evil theme has always been there but now it's present sanctimoniously. Castiel was a great addition and excited to see him continue into the fifth as a regular. Misha Collins is one of the few widely accepted guests of the show and I don't blame them. That character is solid and way too important to the show. Most guests would come and go week by week, the key is to somehow wrap the character into the story line. The only characters that do usually get an extended life line. The angels/demons theme concerned me at first thinking the show was going south, but it made the show better. I'd like to think the fourth season is it's strongest right up there with the first. Let's hope it will come back to a family theme although it's headed for "Let's Look at the Big Picture".

Thanks for taking this journey with me. I'm sorry if I'm being too wordy but I've always had much to say about this show. Sorry for any spelling typos and/or errors too. And, if you haven't seen it, check it out!

Supernatural's fifth season premiere's on Thursday, September 10th on the CW at 9/8 central.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Music Blogs Are A LifeSaver for an Obscure Listener Like Me

It's been a long time since I just posted an entry where I actually wrote more than a short paragraph. My life isn't too exciting so there isn't much to report on. I will talk about something I do online and very often on

I like surfing music blogs, you can find some very rare music on them. In fact, it's one of the few places I spend my time looking for music. I don't have any music to offer myself such as all the contributors who own blogs and actively post on them. I try to leave comments because when I post things I hope for a comment. These people are doing a favor by uploading and sharing something from their own collections. Too bad many of the music blogs get shut down or stop updating because they've "moved past" their music sharing days. Or all the dead links to material. That can be quite frustrating when you search and search and finally come upon something and find that you can't have it. It's like dangling a candy bar in front of a fat kid and telling him if he cleans his room or does his homework he'll receive his reward. He does the deed and winds up empty handed. But what can you do? Move on to the next blog hoping you'll find a link that works.

My taste most lie in awfully bad music in a soundtrack persuasion. 80s movie soundtracks are without a doubt my favorite to listen to and you have no idea how excited I was to find the rare "Prom Night" album on Vinnie's blog. I've come to appreciate that blog along with The Inferno Music Crypt , I have to check in on them at least once a week to know what's new. I'm sure I will come to appreciate many more that I encounter along my trek of the music blogger highway.

Until then, keeping kicking out the jams!

Scanned Ads Part III

Here's an ad to "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid".

Here's an ad to 1995's "Toy Story".

I suppose the whole intent of posting old ads to movies, tv shows, and games is a way for me to look back to when I was a kid and what I enjoyed. I completely miss many things from my childhood and will probably reminisce for decades to come. I don't even expect any comments on this but I never say no to them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Scanned Ads Part II

Here is two advertisements for "A Nightmare Before Christmas".

Here are some VHS ads for Speed Zone, Beavis and Butthead Do America, and Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scanned Ads Part I

Not much has functionally been going on with me. I decided on some premenstrual wim to go through older comic books I have. I don't really collect them, most were handed down from my brothers and some I had purchase myself as a kid. In my current browsing, it wasn't the plot lines that particularly caught my interest, it was the advertisements placed throughout. I noticed most ads frequented video games, films, and candy, but some were for other things. Things I never heard of and some things I remember quite fondly from my childhood. Most of these comic books were from the 90s (from early to later) and even some newer and older. I have a very small yet random collection. I loved them as a little girl because my brother's had so many and I thought they were cool to read.
(BTW, all the scans are film advertisements.)

The scans aren't the best quality and I did not feel like trying to load big files so they have been re-sized and fixed up courtesy of my Photoshop 7.0. I'm posting this in case it strikes someone's fancy. It'll be a post of few, I still have quite an amount to still peruse.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If You Love Buffy, You'll Love Rain

RAIN, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off deals with a young woman named Rain ( played by Mila Kunis), a potential slayer who's powers were activated when Willow used the scythe in Buffy's season finale. Throughout the episodes, she deals with controlling her abilities and discovering that she and her Watcher, Madeline Blake, are dealing with an altogether new type of Slayer.

The Show's Homepage | Read The Episodes | Visit OOTM


I never get infectious with any kinds of fanfiction. But, Rain, a spin-off to the wildly popular TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one exception. It's a rarity among countless stories that pass through websites, blogs, and forums. But I find that this one truly is. I'll start out at the beginning at how I came to enjoy this story.

I started my online journey with quickly becoming obsessed with digital art: wallpapers, icons, banners, wallscrolls, and many other mediums. I visited many art sites that fellow graphic artists had on their own. One of the first sites that quickly obtained my interest was an art site by the name Obsession of the Moment. As it was so aptly titled, the site owner created art for tv shows she loved. The main shows were Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I loved her art, it was different than what I had seen, it was more beautiful. Time was put in to make wonderful art from a mixture of effects, textures, and brushes. The owner, Beth, she was the person who created the story along with a friend, Odelia.

Rain, is an online tv show which is popular on the internet for die hard fans of any show. Beth only posted 6 episodes online before she went off to university for her masters and (sadly) without a computer by her side. The part of her site involved with it goes unfinished as the same with the story.

One day, I hope the story will get a continution. There is a listed 18 episodes, whether or not they were actually written and never posted, I do not know.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Soundtracks; Get Over It, Boys and Girls

Can anybody tell me where to find these soundtracks??? I cannot find them ANYWHERE.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mortal Kombat 3 : My Thoughts

For the past year, I've been checking out the Mortal Kombat 3 page on Supposedly this film has been in the works for several years now - 2007 to be exact. I've looked at many comments that people have left from news and progress of the film and there are a few things I would like to get out there.

One - I'm not a HUGE fan of the series of games, I have played several of them over the years, usually for leisure with friends. I don't follow every plot line and I don't recognize any of the more recent characters revealed in the games. I have always enjoyed the movies. Mortal Kombat because I believed it had a good mixture of action and drama mixed in with a little Johnny Cage satire. Mortal Kombat: Annaliation( I'm sure I botched that up!) because of the action and that's it.

One thing in comments I read that I agreed with was how the first two movies were much lighter and that for the third it can be darker than the previous installments. As stated from various sources, it's going to be a "remake" of the original. I don't think it makes sense to focus on a large group of characters because it doesn't work well for an audience. Besides, anyone who goes to see it in theaters are more likely to get confused UNLESS the scriptwriters can interwine the characters to prevent too many subplots and even plotholes.

I hate how it's being explained away as a "Batman Begins" type movie because I don't particulary like the movie. It was too long and way too much story. Trying to force feed me information is boring...especially to people who aren't die-hard fans. I liked Batman, a fan of the original film and the crappier sequels...but no. I don't want that. Tell me the movie will be darker but you don't have to bring that up to ring me in. I'm sure Bat fans will have a shit fest.

I would love for some of the original cast to appear, I don't see why Christopher Lambert, Linden Ashby, and Robin Shou could reprise their roles. They are older, but I don't think the characters are very young anyway. I can understand the need to bring fresh, new faces because a younger audience would not only be drawn in but familiar with them.

Low and behold, the script is complete and the production is currently casting...if this is suppose to premiere in 2010, they need to kick it into high gear. Hopefully, there will be some head way in the coming months, I'm excited to see who will be casted. I'm getting sick of the Christopher Lambert (rumored) mess...let's get down to business! I'm ready for more kombat!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't Cock Block Mr. Spock!

Living in a hole void of human contact...however I've been dipping myself in else what.

Some things I'm into as of late...

Star Trek
Keanu Reeves
Higher Ground (TV Show)
Transister's Flow
My rad Spiderman's fluffy.

Speaking of Mr. Reeves, it's said he is going to play Spike Speigel in a live-action version of the cult anime "Cowboy Bebop". That should be interesting.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Does Time Go?

Another lapse in time since I posted anything. Time is a standstill right now. Maybe I'll be more active during summer hours. For whatever reason, I do not have the addiction I used to with my computer. I only come on here to write papers, download music, or talk in forums. Other than that, I'm doing something else better with my time. I just can't sit in front of the monitor for long hours, it really fucks with my vision. And it's already bad wearing glasses, so I'd like to keep what eyesight I have.

I've been nostalgic today...When I got online somehow I discoursed back into my heydays of boy bands. A fad that went places for a short period and disappeared ever so quickly. I still dug cheesy ass pop music, and I don't think I'll ever stop having a love affair with it.

I think anybody who watched MTV in it's heightened period of TRL, we would all remember 2gether. A mock boy band that played up and made serious fun of other boy bands. I had a chance to download the movie because some sweet soul uploaded it and that brought back some great memories. It is a true comedy and one of the few amazing projects that came out of MTV. The movie produced a soundtrack and a follow up album by the group which I was lucky enough to get my hands on from a very cool lady from LiveJournal. I'm still trying to get a hold of the movie soundtrack, but to no avail have I had any luck.

(From Left to Right: Alex Solowitz, Evan Farmer, Noah Bastion, Michael Cuccione, and Kevin Farley)

There was also a short-lived tv show which got canceled when the fellow band member and cast mate, Michael Cuccione died. I believe that this was a creative idea which cashed in quite a bit of dough. It's strange how people say that 2gether will disappear, but people still talk about it all the time. Attempting to get the tv show a successful release on DVD and a possible reunion. It's been about ten years now but I don't see it happening but who knows? I will cross my fingers for something to come up.

Beyond that, I was looking for older albums too. I've been searching, searching for the Never Been Kissed album and I want to add extra tracks that belong there too. I looked up some odd things, one of Hanson's albums, some albums by Joey Mcintyre and Jordan Knight...and other stuff. I'm thinking today is the trip to my local CD store. I can find old CDs for about 3 dollars. I keep deciding if I want to post some albums for download. If they are older I may just do it. I don't think many people see this so I'm not concerned. If you do see this post, feel free to tell me if you'd be interested in 2gether albums. If I ever get the soundtrack album, I will post it on here along with the second album with consent from the person who originally gave it to me.

(Jeremy Jordan circa 1993)

Also, I was thinking about posting Jeremy Jordan's album Try My Love on here. Jeremy Jordan is well known as Guy from Never Been Kissed, but before that he was an early 90s heartthrob. He released only Try My Love in 1993. The album is out of print now, if someone would like me to post it, let me know! I got it this past Christmas per request. It's a bit cheesy but some of the songs make me sing along.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Supernatural Hiatus

I'm bummed because I have to wait one more week before season four continues...

Just give me the last few episodes!!!

Season 1 is holding me over until then. I miss Season 1 SPN!!!!

I don't have anything interesting to post. Damn it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I wish...

I'm bored so I'm posting. I wish I had some headphones because I much rather listen to music with them, it's easier for me somehow. I wish I could watch a movie I haven't seen in a while like Disturbing Behavior. I wish everyone around me felt better, but I am glad I'm not suffering my usual pain as of late. My brother has been in plenty pain from something getting in his eye and it swelling up. He moaned and screamed for two days straight and it rattled me from any sleep. I spent most of the time reading, just to keep my mind busy. I hate when folks are in pain, especially the important ones in my life. D got some teeth pulled which I was not aware of until recently. So I'm hoping she'll get well soon too. I hate suffering but it's a unfortunate side of the human condition.

I'm browsing music again. I'm trying to find some of those rare albums I have a hell of a time hunting down. I've had a modicum of luck, but still hunting. It always surprises me the amount of music people have that they can share. But I'm very grateful that people share what they have though.

Monday, March 16, 2009

icons ; devour ; still life

I'm having a spur of the moment love for icons. It's been a long time since I sat and really put some effort in some new icons. I uploaded most on my Live Journal. Many of the old ones I never did before. So, today could be the day that I make some new ones.

I watched Devour for the fifth ot sixth time last night and I'm still trying to figure what the hell the plot of that movie really is. It's not the best work Jensen Ackles ever did, and sometimes I wonder why he did it at all. I think the plot was interesting, but somewhere the plot disappears or completely mind fucks you. It all depends on what you think is going on. The first time I watched it, I had no clue what I had just watched. Next time, I was downright plagued by it, trying to find the sense in it. Few times after that I was thinking Jake Gray was the devil's son which is I think what the plot was originally. However, this time, after listening to a buttload of cryptic lines, I just went ahead and came to my own thoughtful conclusion. The character, Jake Gray, is insane. He created this world of the devil in his head. That's all I can think, the movie is just confusing, only an insane person could decifer it.

The movie as a horror movie is on the good side of the horror movie spectrum and I've seen some shitty ones. I think the rewrites during the filming probably deteriorated the intentions of the film. However, the acting is well done and some of the aggressive scenes are a bit loopy, but I like watching it. I think most people who own it is because of Jensen and that's fine. I can watch him in anything, but I prefer him in something more coherent. Some roles I like him in besides the obvious ones (Supernatural!), Eddie G. in Blonde - he had a small role within the four(?) hours of the movie. I loved the way he played his character, silly but debonair. I have to say Alec in Dark Angel because he really brought a character to the show. Just wished the show lasted a little longer than it did.

Speaking of his body of work, I have to talk about the unaired pilot, Still Life, he did for FOX.

First- why did this never air? I found a link for it on a LJ community and downloaded it. I had always wondered what it was about from the two or three pictures floating online from it. I watched the episode from start to finish. And I wish there had been more! I wanted to know what happened to the deceased brother! How he died and why it had to do with a friend of his. I noticed many popular songs from the time were used for the pilot, the opening was wonderfully linked with Coldplay's "Clocks" which set the mood for the entire episode. I liked to believe this could have lasted a few episodes on air if FOX had given it the chance. Damn you, FOX, you love destroying shows don't you?

Second - I wondered if this show had anything to do with that rumor from Dark Angel? I read on Wikipedia (one of the most unreliable places for info), that FOX had wanted the characters, Max (Jessica Alba) and Alec (Jensen Ackles) to hook up. James Cameron, the show's creator was against this, he saw Max and Logan as the couple. But, FOX had some ulterior motive to eventually let Alec have his own spin-off show later on in the same vein as Buffy's Angel. Alec was a popular character among fans but I found it silly for them to be thinking that far ahead. DA was in its second season still establishing a core audience. However, the Friday night schedule spot killed the show's decent ratings and it never returned for a third season. Since they wanted a Alec spin-off, did you think they just took a different step? They figured they already had Jensen on board for Dark Angel and when that sinked, they pulled up another series idea that had been sitting around and figured they could snatch him for that? It seems that's why that was but I think they dropped it last minute. Who knows... I wonder if Jensen Ackles did the pilot before or after his stint on Dawson's Creek?

That's enough ranting...I just had all these thoughts up in my head and I couldn't help but feel like, I don't know. I think some actors get cheated and the fans even more sometimes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Effects

I'm suppose to be working on a paper for school, but I was compelled to rant about something that I stumbled upon while working on this paper. I'm doing strong summary responses and the paper is a response to a proposal about how weak high school is and it should be removed completely so teenagers can begin adulthood sooner. It uses the Columbine shootings as an example to the unhealthy environment high school produces for teenagers.

Well, then I went and read up on the Columbine shootings because I was too young when it happened and I was not aware of all the details of the event. I will say you cannot blame high school for why those boys shot their school up. It could have played a small role in one way or other, but it seemed to me they lacked stability as individuals. They lashed out the way they could and they did it in a violent manner. I'm not going to go into detail because I don't live in Colorado and I did not experience anything like that ever in my life.

I just find it silly to point fingers toward public figures for destroying the youths such as Marilyn Manson. I listen to Manson's songs and I don't have an inkling to hurt anybody just from listening to them. If I ever do, it's usually just my mind being violent because I'm angry for a minute. However, I'm sane enough to realize the dire consequences of doing such an act. So really, it's logic stepping in and saying it's wrong. Maybe logic didn't step in and help those boys, maybe they lost all logic to what they were doing. Professionals diagonosed the boys as being a psychopath and a depressive person. Whether I believe that is correct I do believe there was some unbalance of serotonin in their brain chemicals. Something provoked it, and slowly since it was a planned thing. It was planned for two years it seemed. I mean, really? Shouldn't the parents be looking out for their children?

That could be the problem. I'm lucky I stick so securely to my parents. Even when I was dealing with my own disorder, it got to a point where handling it became impossible. I went to my family and looked for help. But I have managed pass my psychological problems which rooted themselves first in high school, do to my untimely depression and other problems which I rather keep to myself. Beyond that, I have come out stronger and better than I once was and I'm surprised I have. I don't hate those boys for what they did but that they did not do something better than what they did do about their problems.

I don't understand why people aggravate things so immensely they radically effect others around. Are people just selfish and hateful? I'd like to believe not. I have anger, I have rage, I have gloom...but I know that it's stupid to let things like that stop you from living your life. Suicide may look like a good idea at the time but it is not an answer. It's not a way. Doing it does not help people understand anything.

Just...I don't know. I'm done with this.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy as a Beaver

I've been pretty preoccupied the last few days. I started up my DA Sounds blog for sharing Dark Angel music.

Next, I offered to do screencaps for the movie Thrashin' for a Brooke McCarter fan site. I plan on having those done by the end of the week.

Lastly, I have a paper due on Wednesday for my English class. I plan on working on it all day tomorrow because I don't have a choice. I'm going to try my best with it.

Oh, and very lastly, I have to finish reading The Bell Jar before the 12th, this Thursday. Which reminds me that there will (FINALLY) be a new Supernatural episode this week!

Oi! Saints Preserve Us!

I'm out for now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Say No to Wincest...!

As much as I'd love to be able to take that slash. I just can't! I find nothing wrong with two guys together. Loving each other and everything but I can't read that fiction people write. Especially about the two guys I have such a heart for that are on my favorite show Thursday every week. They are brothers, friends, compadres, and nothing else! Fans just go places I cannot go. I just keep thinking that if they went online and looked at those stories and read a few, their eyes might pop fully out of their sockets.

I think they just don't go there especially when it's brought up. So stop with the snide comments, you remember Jensen's face at the convention last year. They are friends, friends, friends. I have brothers and if people were writing these stories about me doing "things" with them, that would freak the shit outta me! I just can't read it, I tried to just read a bit, but that was too much for me to digest. Maybe just not an NC-17 one. Or maybe one where they didn't talk about "blowing loads". Gosh, I just had a shiver run down my back.

I know so many fans are really into the Wincest/J2, but it just cannot exist for me. I like deep stuff, and so much is like smut. That's okay-a little, but not the whole page! I think women are just hornier these days. Like guys get off on two girls, girls get off on two guys. No! I adore the actors too much to like it. It just destroys them. I hope they've never read that stuff. I think they'd be freaked out.

Boy, Jensen being put on the spot.

I think "disturbing" is the best way to describe it.
Supposedly in a poll, 70% of Supernatural fans are Wincest lovers. I guess I am in the other 30%.
And Jensen, I think your Grandmother will never see it. Unless she's pretty knowledgeable with a computer. Gosh! That has to be so embarrassing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Damn me for not posting enough. I had a bad day today. I lost my library card and that's one fourth of my life right there. I go to the library all the time for stuff and if I don't find it, well, I have to pay three dollars for a new one. I guess I'm bugged that I can't figure where it went, I checked every place it could, would, and should be, but it was not there. So, I just have to wait for it to pop up when I least expect it to or I go get a new one. Oh life and it's annoying twists and turns.

I've been wanting to listen to the band Travis really bad for the past few hours. I started downloading their discography because I really like them but don't have any of their songs except for one from the Roswell Soundtrack. I wonder if I'll like their newer or older albums? I always wonder that when I get an interest in groups. Like Sugar Ray, originally a punk group with edge that turned into a pop mega machine with "Fly" or Filter that was either alternative or industrial or both that at the turn of pop went with the flow as well. Filter had some good hits like "Take a Picture" and "Best Things" which are completely popped fueled. However, listening to their albums in whole you'll realize they are very well still the groups they were originally. It just helps when your tunes can reflect the times. That reminds me, I should get the Swimfan soundtrack sometime, I had an intense obsession with that soundtrack and the movie at the same time.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon started this week and I think the show is good. He's not as quirky as Conan was but I think Fallon can have his own show. I remember liking him back on SNL, even though he could not keep a straight face through the Behind the Music ; Blue Oyster Cult skit. Ferrell was too damn funny though. I can admit that, I'd be laughing my ass off if I was a new cast regular too. But back to the talk show, most of his guests are friends of his almost such as Tina Fey or Drew Barrymore. He isn't too formal with the interview, he lets it go whereever it may end up. The opening can have some funny jokes but I'm not impressed with any of the games they've come up with. The game where three people came down on the stage and just had to lick something for ten dollars wasn't that interesting. Fallon had them lick a lawnmower, a fish bowl, and a printer. WTF? Why not a fish or a dirty toilet bowl? Come on, that's like giving away ten bucks for FREE! When the girl got to sing with Bon Jovi was cool but she was so frightened when Bon Jovi came to sing with her. I suppose I would be too, but he wanted to hug her and she looked like she was running away from him. I would not run away from Jon Bon Jovi! I will say the Castle Greyskull was funny with the NYC major. Send me a pic of that , Jimmy!

Well, got to go, the show is on!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 31st Birthday, Jensen!

I'm such a pooper scooper. I forgot it was Jensen's birthday on the first.

(Even though there is a one and a billion chance he would see this, I'm saying it anyway.)
Jensen - I give you warm wishes and good luck in all your future endeavors. I hope you had some fun for your birthday and got some kick ass gifts. Hope the cake was good too, maybe a dark chocolate variety? Happy Birthday and many more to come.

Gosh, I feel young. I wanted to get that out of my system. I could not believe I just forgot about it, I usually mark these things down because I just like to...I'm so strange. Gosh, back to important , boring school work. Nah, I enjoy it...sometimes. Gah, I need to can it. *Kicks self in the head* Wow, I must be really flexible...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

not feeling too blog-y

Not much is going on really, but I am busy nonetheless.

This week is mid-terms week at school and I am studying and finishing some work I need to finish. March is also Spring Break month and I'm really hoping to pop on down to Florida for the week so I can get a little R&R.

Right now, I'm setting up the clips I will be providing on my youtube channel for March. It will be Instant Star month featuring performances from the first two seasons and possibly bloopers if I really feel like fucking with it. It takes time and editing which I hate messing with but I do it because I have many subscribers and people who like what I post there so I do it for them. Or until youtube tries to shut me down. They have done it to many friends of mine. Hopefully, if I post them right I won't get shtick for it.

If you want to check my channel out:

I post trailers, deleted scenes, and other extras to movies, television series...

Everyone have a good night.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

keanu ; freaks and geeks ; black circle boys

People that rag on Keanu Reeves acting ability piss me off. Keanu Reeves is one of my favorite actors of all time. I've been such a big fan of his for years now and it pisses me off when people says he can't act. It's not that, they just cannot stand his voice! "He sounds like a baffoon!" If you have seen any movies of his other than The Matrix or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, you would surely be able to tell the man has some acting chops besides sounding like a surfer dude. I love him in many of the films. I enjoy his action films like Point Break, Speed, and Street Kings but I really like him as that abusive hillbilly in The Gift , I did not even recognize him in that role. I thought his loser-y role in the black comedy I Love You To Death was great too. I think people are just way to harsh on some actors and they don't need to be, I'm sure its shitty enough having no privacy nowadays, now they get haggled about every little thing they do or don't do. Give it a fucking break, folks.

Just for you:

I finished watching Freaks and Geeks : The Complete Series and it was amazing. Another show that should have lasted longer than it did. It was highly praise but like every good show, it didn't stand a chance in the ratings due to NBC's nifty schedule changes. In watching it, you really do end up loving both the freaks and the geeks because you can relate to them in some way. I love how the show neglects to actually pay attention to the popular and pretty kids only viewing them from a petty stand point. My favorite character's are Daniel Desario (James Franco) and Bill Haverchuck (Martin Starr). There are many cameos in it one notably by Ben Stiller in one of the final episodes. I may actually buy this series if I ever see it at a store, it's really wonderful and I recommend to everyone.

Another movie I watched was Black Circle Boys, what a dark, dark film. And not because it was on Youtube. It basically is about cults, drugs & alcohol, and girls. It starred a rather young Scott Bairstow who looks a helluva lot like Hayden Christensen and Eric Mabius as the whackjob Satanist. I think the only bad part of the film is when they kill a cat, I'm firmly against animal abuse but the scene is short and you don't actually see the cat get killed. Why didn't they just visit the butcher and get some fricking blood, I mean, really...they could have. The film has HUGE underlying gay currents in it. It's about a brotherhood of Satanists almost but really teen headbangers who think they are "hardcore" because they listen to metal and worship "Father" they mention several times. The one warped part was seeing New Kids' alumni Donnie Wahlberg as a gay drug dealer/Satanist that was way into kink...that threw me and freaked me out. If I found this somewhere on DVD for 10 dollars, I'd buy it. It goes for that much on Amazon and whatnot so maybe I could find it in store where everything is on backorder. I hate when things I want are on backorder.

I could totally write slash for that movie. I'm really not into writing things like that but for the characters Kyle and Shane, I could. I was thinking about it when I watched it. I still may if I watch the movie again. I wonder if others have ever wrote some??? I'll have to look it up.